Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fasting - Part 1

This Sunday we will take a look at the Spiritual Disicpline of Fasting. It's the least practiced discipline, especially in a world where we super-size everything. So, with that in mind, some thoughts and questions to consider ~ ~ ~ ~

Do you ever schedule your day around eating?
Have you ever left an event or gathering to fulfill an urge for food?
Are you more likely to attend an event where there is free food?
Are you more likely to attend a pitch in, church dinner, or an hour of prayer at church?

Church bulletin bloopers you can find was the following National Prayer and Fasting Conference announcement: "The cost to attend the Prayer and Fasting Conference includes meals."

Ask yourself these questions ------
Do you ever eat or drink to calm your nerves?
Do you ever eat or drink to alleviate fear?
Do you eat or drink for comfort?
Do you eat or drink to find joy?
Do you ever look to food in order to feel better about your day or life?
Do you ever eat, even when you are not hungry?

How would you answer these questions?!?!?!?!

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