Monday, March 24, 2008

Post Easter Thoughts

You will read this in the newsletter, but I wanted to put this out there for all to read, so here are my thoughts on the day after Easter ~

What a wonderful day Easter was! The celebration, the joy, the expectancy, it was all there. Yet, as I write this article, it is the next day. Jesus has risen, okay, . . . now what?! I say that not to be sacrilegious, but I believe this is how we approach most of life. That was yesterday’s news, what is today’s news? Today’s news is the same as yesterday’s . . . Jesus has risen!!!

We need to incorporate that into our everyday living. It needs to pervade our everyday prayers. Without this thought process, where does our hope reside? This morning I was reading in my devotional The Christian in Complete Armour: Daily Readings in Spiritual Warfare by William Gurnall (a 17th century pastor) about the temptations satan lays before us, and how we so easily succumb to his temporary pleasures and offerings.

Gurnall ends the March 24 reading stating, “Would it not be wise, before you barter with the devil, to ask if his promises come with a warranty? Can he secure the bargain and keep you from a lawsuit with God? Can he guarantee that when you die you will not be left destitute in another world? Let the buyer be warned. Time will show how satan has cheated you. Yet the sinner says, “Oh, but I have already begun to collect on the pleasures he offers, I am enjoying them right now, and I would have to wait until heaven for most of the things Christ promises.”

It is the last line which we so easily accept. Christ has promised us the world, right now. It does not always come easy, it is the more difficult road, but it is the road which leads us to permanent and everlasting joy, peace, love, contentment IN THIS LIFE and in the life to come. Why do we think we need to wait to experience all Christ has to offer us? It’s there, it’s available for us today, we need to believe it.

So, do we? Do we believe in the life Christ offers us today?! Or are we just giving lip service to Christ, hoping we have our heavenly tickets punched, so we live and accept the muck and mire of life, just to get to a better place. How then does the world see you as a Christian? Do they see the joy of Christ in you? Are you the light of the world, the salt of the earth?

Dear friends, let’s journey together and embrace the good life, no, the great life Christ offers us, here, yes, here, in Northeast Madison County, as we serve the only Savior, our Lord and Risen Savior, Jesus the Christ!!

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