Thursday, October 09, 2008

Anyone a little gassy?

Have you noticed what has happened to the price of gas? I bought gas today at $3.29, and now it is down to $3.13 in Anderson.

I noticed in Dearborn, MI gas is $2.97; while in Springfield, IL it is $3.14; and in Warrenville, IL gas was $3.59. All places we have lived. Amazing to notice the price differences.

Of course if you look at our economy we are nose diving and fast. The Dow is at a 5 year low. Think about your investments, but if you get out now and the market goes up, to buy back in will cost you more money. So what to do? Gas prices have not even reached last years level. Last year gas was $2.75.

I believe this election will be a crucial one, yet, with all of the rhetoric by both candidates, to get anything passed in the house and senate is not that easy. So, as much as we hear good things, to accomplish some of these proposals will be a stretch. Not trying to be pessimistic, but a realist.

All that being said, when is Jesus coming? I'm not sure, but you know the crazy thing, this is all kind of exciting, because so many people are going to realize they need more than themselves, they need Christ . . . and the church (you and I) have a great opportunity to lead people to Christ, who won't solve our financial crisis, but He is the ONE who can bring peace and hope to hearts, spirits, minds and bodies that are fragmented and hurting. Thanks be to God for this indescribable gift . . . named Jesus!

Just a couple of random thoughts at midnight!

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