Sunday, October 12, 2008

Football and Joshua

His final game was against the best team from Elwood, who beat our best team 40-12, last week. Uh-oh. Our team played really well, except for two plays. A trick pass which we told the kids what to do, but they didn't do it, and a kick off return, where we said, don't kick it to a certain player, and we did. That was the score 14-0. We had the ball on the 1 yard line when time ran out. It was a bruising game. Joshua and all of our kids played with a lot of heart, and the other team was scared we would win. We moved the ball on them, but a couple of mistakes and we turned the ball over. Joshua made some good runs, almost broke away for a touchdown, but their best player, was by far the fastest on the field and he caught Joshua from behind, and Joshua looked at him and said, "is that all you've got?" The kid is getting a little fight in him, I like it. We only won one game, but I really think we had the best "team" of the three Alex teams.

Sometime I am going to try to put some video on you-tube for your viewing pleasure.

On another football note, we were supposed to play in a tournament on the 18th-19th, but we are not in it, because of last minute shenanigans from Elwood. They waited until the last minute to make plans for a tournament they knew was going to happen months ago, and frankly, we got jobbed. What makes me mad about it, was the fact that we gave up the Diabetes walk on the 18th to do the football games for Joshua. Now we are out of luck on that, as well.

I just don't get some of the way things get done. If you know you have a tournament scheduled, why wait until two weeks before to get things organized? Then when we tell them who the right party is to talk to, they don't. I'm mad, partly because we gave up something, and lost everything, and the ineptitude of the organizer from Elwood.

Okay, I have now vented. I feel much better . . . thanks for listening.

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