Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bon Appetit

I had the joy of reading the book Bon Appetit while I was on vacation.

Bon Appetit is the second book in the French Twist series featuring new baker Lexi Stuart. Lexi has left behind a confusing relationship with Dan and her suffocating parents in Seattle to attend a French baking school and work at a family bakery there. She is finally on her own for the first time in her life. She is excited and filled with dreams and visions of how this American girl will be accepted on the French landscape. However, all does not go according to Lexi’s plans. She struggles with rejection and acceptance; as well as loneliness and separation from her family, friends and a confusing relationship she left behind.

She also senses she has left God in America and sets out to remedy that situation. Lexi weaves her way through her emotions while working at the bakery and while at school. As much as she longs for companionship, she uses God’s wisdom to make sensible choices. There are a few recipes and cooking methods we can learn about, the key is Lexi’s love of France and her desire to fit in, in a land where Americans are not readily accepted. She holds onto God’s love and her faith in God’s plan as the key to her ultimate decision making. In the end, Lexi has to decide whether to stay in France with a new possibility for romance or return to Seattle. Stay tuned for the sequel to this book.

Remember, this is book number 2 in the French Twist Series. The first book in the series is entitled Let Them Eat Cake. Click on the title to take you to the site.

This is really more of a fun book, probably most likely suited to women who want to read a charming and light book.

You can find the book at or at

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