Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How Would Jesus Vote?

What a great question to ask, especially with this year's election looming just a few days away. Dr. D. James Kennedy seeks to give his views on how God would vote in any election. Kennedy, in his final book prior to his death, attempts to break down many issues that we must deal with in the elections, e.g., abortion, death penalty, war, education, health care, the economy and more.

This was a helpful book for me to review since I am trying to look not just at the economic issues our country faces, but all issues and vote for the person, irregardless of party, who I believe would serve God best, not me.

Admittedly, I knew where Kennedy would come from in his theology. He is conservative and a Calvinist. Not that I am not in the same ballpark, but it led to no real surprises. While he is attempting to be respectful of all positions and beliefs, he operates out of his very specific world view, as we all do.

He surprised me with a few of his answers and responses, which forced me to think through some of the issues a little deeper. Overall, it was an easy to read book and not over anyone's head theologically.

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