Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Football and Joshua

Last night Joshua's team had their third game. Sadly, they lost again. It was a good game. They lost to this team 14-0 on the first game, yesterday the score was 30-24. The other team has one player who scores their touchdowns, he is fast, and when you add poor tackling, that is what you get.

Joshua played a very good game. He was quarterback, had 2 touchdowns and one 2 point conversion. On his 2nd touchdown, someone tried to tackle him, they got his shoe, and he ran around the end for about 25 yards for his touchdown. He also made some good tackles on defense.

It's amazing what a year does in a kids life. Last year, if he got hit, he would be down in second, now he is viewed as one of the best players. He got hit a couple of times, shook off tackles and kept going. I was proud of him. They play again on Saturday. I think we will add a couple of new wrinkles into the game.

I called two plays to run, both were very successful, one a touchdown and the other a 30 yard run. Maybe the Colts need an offensive coordinator?!

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