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Well this blog is not for young men only, but there is a book entitled, For Young Men Only, or FYMO, which is a must read for guess who. . .? Young Men . . . and I must add, for older men, moms and dads, pastors, youth pastors and on and on.

I wish I had this book when I was a younger man. I'm not sure I was mature enough to understand the insights when I was a teen, but that was light years ago. Since we are seeing teens mature at a quicker rate, there is a greater need for a book like this. I know I will highly recommend this book to some people who have teens. As the father of two boys, almost 11 and 8 1/2, I know this book will help Debbie and I.

The authors, along with their wives did scientific surveys by interviewing young women. Then they had their statistics verified by a professional company. Their findings are great and they break the book down into 7 main chapters, each touching on a vital subject ~
  1. Abercrombie Boy vs. Our Hero, Average Joe (Why Ordinary guys have a real chance with great girls)
  2. Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys (Understanding a girl's greatest secret fear - and what you can do about it)
  3. When Girls Stop Making Sense (A code breaker's guide to baffling female behavior)
  4. Breaking Up, Breaking You (Why girls go from "love" to "get lost" so fast - and how to keep from getting crushed)
  5. No Dropped Calls (How to talk and listen to a girl without looking like an idiot)
  6. What it Really Means to Score (The truth about girls, guys and sex)
  7. The Guy Every Girl Wants . . . Really (Could it be that the real you is the real prize?)
Each chapter is filled with great information about young women, and while it is not a "how - to" book for young men, nor a book on "how to pick up chicks", it does have very good practical information about how to pick up the signs, cues and signals from young women; and how a young man should react.

One final note ~ while the book is written from a Christian point of view, it is not filled with 100's of Bible references to help the authors make their points.

I highly recommend this book, and would give it 5 stars because of its relevancy, tone (serious with humor added), creativity.

You can also go to their website at

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