Sunday, October 05, 2008

Football Saturday

Goodday for both boys.

Zachary's team beat the only team which beat them, 12-6. Their first game against this team they lost 40-28, so good defense was the rule. This was the first game Zachary didn't score. He ran the ball to the one yard line, and helped by deflecting a pass and getting others flags.

Joshua's team won their first game, 24-0. They played a much better game on defense. Joshua scored the first touchdown, and made a couple of other nice runs, then on the 2 point conversion, they fumbled the ball and he picked it up, with both knees on the ground, meaning he is down, but the whistle didn't blow and he got nailed (a good tackle), but the play should have been over. He hurt his neck, sat out awhile, then went back in. Later he hurt his knee making a tackle. I think he hit it on the ground or twisted it, because nobody hit him. It still hurts and he sat out most of the 2nd half. Didn't want to take any chances. It still hurts a little, but he is not limping and is running around. We played a little tackle football this afternoon, after the Colts come back. He showed no signs of injury.

They each have one game left. Joshua's team plays Elwood on Tuesday and next week they have an all star team which plays in a tournament.

Zachary's team plays on Thursday.

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