Friday, October 31, 2008

Energy Vampires

Not sure how this will come out, but I copied it from a web site. Remember, any time you leave an unused appliance plugged in, it draws energy and costs you money.

Don't let Energy Vampires drain your bank account!

Did you know that appliances and electronics we plug in and forget about, like televisions, computers and telephone chargers, are sucking electricity and money from you even when you are not using them?

It's scary...consumers spend nearly $4 billion a year on electricity for appliances and electronics that are off or in the standby mode! That's more than $200 per year for an average family.

Cost of vampire electricity
ApplianceAverage annual costVampire costTotal Annual cost
Television$20 (on 4-5 hours per day)$10$30
Stereo$20 (on 4-5 hours per day)$10$30
Computer$200$41 (set to sleep mode)$241
Video game system$17.50$2.40$19.90

These habits can drain you dry. You don't need garlic and a stake to kill energy vampires, just...

  • Unplug the computer when you're not using it
  • Unplug the telephone charger after it charges
  • Use motion activated lights instead of keeping the porch light on all night

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