Thursday, October 09, 2008

Elwood vs. Alexandria

Yesterday, Joshua's team played a team from Elwood in football. I have to say the kids from Elwood were impressive in their uniforms - they were the Steelers, and had similar uniforms to the Steelers. They had to cost some bucks. Secondly, most of the kids were huge. I mean they looked they were in 6th grade, not a 3rd - 5th grade team. Thirdly, they had about 20 kids on their team, we had 13.

All that said, it's amazing the final score was only Elwood winning, 16-14. We missed one 2 point conversion, that was the difference. They did not substitute many players, and wanted to play another half, but our kids were winded.

I felt sorry for Joshua, he usually runs bootlegs and option plays, but had a hard time doing them because Elwood was bigger and was able to push our offensive line back. He handled the ball well, even when getting hit and spun around. One kid threw Joshua like he was a sack of potatoes. Joshua did score our 2 point conversion and Elwood's first touchdown was on a kickoff return, so our defense did great.

Our last game is on Saturday against a different Elwood team, hopefully more our size. Then Joshua plays on the 5th grade all star team. Zachary's last game is this Saturday, as well.

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