Thursday, November 15, 2007

21 Days of John

Remember we start reading through the book of John on Monday, November 19. Get others to sign up for the blog to read my thoughts, and I would enjoy reading your reflections as well. We can learn from one another.


  1. This isn't the best place to leave a question on this topic, but I wasn't sure where else to leave it...

    I'm having some trouble after Wednesday evening's study. I thought I had my gifts and how I would like to use them figured out, but after talking about passions and such, I am further from figuring things out than I was. Am I just making this too complicated?

  2. Hey Indy -

    stick with it. It can get messy. I'll give you a call and we can talk through and explore where God may be leading you. Sometimes we can over-analyze the whole thing. Remember God is at work.



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