Friday, November 30, 2007

DAY 12 ~ John 12



OBSERVATION ~ There is a party in Bethany for Lazarus and Jesus. It was in honor of what Jesus did raising Lazarus from the dead, of course, Lazarus was there, but now he had a bounty on his head. Ever wonder why the Phrarisees thought they could kill a man who could raise people from the dead? Just a thought.

Jesus continues to talk and push the people about their level of commitment and their level of spiritual maturity. Key issues in our lives today, as they were 2000 years ago. Notice there were some Greeks who had a question for Jesus, yet, Jesus begins the discourse on His terms, leading them where He knows they need to be.

Have you caught how many times Jesus talks about light and darkness in John. The word "darkness" is used in 5 verses, while "light" is used in 16 verses. There is much more power in light-ness than darkness.

I know when I allow Jesus to look around inside me His light exposes stuff that I don't want to see or want to admit. It will sound overly simple, but I'm impressed with how Jesus exposes stuff in my life. He exposes my sin and junk in a way that is not shaming, but encouraging and hopeful. That is good and I am grateful for it.

Sometime I need to take a picture of the church steeple from my home. It's cool to see the steeple of the church lit up at night. It's a great beacon and reminder, Jesus is the light of the world.

APPLICATION ~ Simply put, what am I trying to keep in the dark from the Lord, which by the way is impossible. Instead of hiding, I should look to God for what is good in me and allow God to expose the good, rather than covering up the not so good. Besides, I/we usually seem to dwell on that which is bad within us, maybe it is time to stop focusing on the bad and look at the good.

We do this in church as well . . . we see one thing we don't like and we become no different than the Pharisees. We end up focusing on what we want, not on what God may be calling us to do, which is grow in spirit and truth. So, what holds you back? What are you focusing on that may be destructive to your own health and spirit? It is time to let it go and focus on God's Spirit of Light and truth.

PRAYER ~ Father God, thank you for not letting me wander around in darkness, but providing light that gives direction to my life. And thank you for bringing your light inside my life and helping me see the stuff that wants to destroy your dream for my life. I welcome your light into my life today and I ask that your light give direction for the day. Amen

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