Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sick call part 3

What a birthday!! We ended up at the ER again. Zachary was dehydrated and had a great deal of stomach pain. His doctor wanted him checked to make certain it was not his appendix. He had to drink about a 1/2 gallon of bad tasting orange dye. He was a trooper and after initial complaints, just drank it without a word. They did a ct scan of his abdomen, which checked out fine. He also survived the IV needle without flinching, this one was not as smooth as the first, since the nurse could not initially find his vein .

By the end of the night they gave him morphine, which did not put him to sleep, but made his perk up and feel no pain, which was nice to see the Zachary of old.

So, both boys are sleeping, and hopefully Zachary will feel well enough tomorrow to go to school on Thursday. Joshua went back today and felt tired, but good about being back.

Hope this is the end of our saga!! It is the Deutsch custom to go out for dinner at the birthday persons choice. So, we will have a make up date at a restaurant of my choice, not to be Chucky Cheese. To show the kindness of some friends, one friend sent a birthday card which included the health benefits of celery How disgusting!!! to even insinuate there are redeeming purposes for God's creation of celery.

Don't want to leave you on a down note, but my mother in law sent a card with a great looking piece of chocolate cake on the cover, now that is celebrating the right way!!!

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