Tuesday, November 06, 2007

One Wish

Today was a long day, but a good one. I made it despite feeling drained.
  • I had a wonderful, really wonderful on-line mentoring session this evening. It was with Tom Bandy, one of my mentors, on-line. It was just he and I and one other person for one hour. It was priceless!!

I was thinking, if I had one wish for our church, what would it be?

I had lots of answers, to grow, to grow spiritually, to reach out more in the community, for every person to sing and to worship and to be passionate about God, for personal spiritual transformation, and . . . and . . .

For any or all of this to happen, we need to hear from God. In essence to be connected to God in such a way that we hear from Him and (no) that we learn to hear from Him everyday of our lives. If we did, and we followed God, think about, consider, muse, (you choose the word) what would happen to our church and to Alexandria and to Northern Madison County and . . . and . . .

If every person heard from God everyday this amazing church would become more than an amazing church. This church would become a force that would transform the face of the earth. Everyday God would give clear direction to everyone of us and everyone of us would move forward into life with a confidence that we are not just living out our days, but we are fulfilling the dream of God for this planet!

As a result, I want to challenge you, your the first to hear about this to a 21 day challenge and read through the book of John. We will start in one week. I want you to journal, I am not the best at it, but I try. I learned to journal better from Wayne Cordeiro, pastor of New Hope Church in Hawaii. I use the SOAP method, try it,

On day one, read John 1. On day 2, read John 2, and so on.


S - Scripture (John 1)

O - Observation (what are you observing from this chapter on the Bible) Is there a main verse for you? Pick out 1 or 2 verses from that chapter that speaks to you and write it down and why it means something to you.

A - Application (How and what can you apply to your life? What is God saying to you?

P - Prayer. Write out a prayer.

That's it. On Tuesday, November 13, I am going to start this journey. I'm going to take the 21 day challenge from the book of John. Imagine how your everyday life might change if you were to seek to hear and learn from God on a daily basis.

Then share your observations, I will send out mine on a daily basis. Will you join me.

P.S. - this is a preparation for a major Bible reading undertaking for the church for next year. Get ready!!!

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