Monday, November 19, 2007

DAY # 2 - John 2


OBSERVATIONS ~ Jesus respects and listens to His mother. A great lesson for all. He turns water into wine, its is the first of His miracles (read on for the reasons). He presses the issue with the Pharisees, but they don’t get it, in fact, ‘pharisees’ never do, do they? Jesus had a great understanding of Himself, and did not need anyone to validate His ministry or life.
APPLICATION ~ KEY VERSE ~ John 2:11 - "This is the first of miraculous signs, Jesus performed in Cana of Galilee. He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in Him." John tells us that Jesus turning the water into wine was the very first of miraculous signs that Jesus would do. And he also tells us the purpose of miracles. The purpose of this miracle was not just to make sure that they had enough wine at the party so everyone had a good time and the bride felt good about her big day. (Although I do think Jesus was concerned with little things like the success of a friends party.) The bigger purpose of this miracle and all miracles are two-fold: bring glory to God and increase the faith of people. Whenever I pray for God to do something miraculous like a healing or some kind of intervention or reconciliation I always promise Him a couple things. First I promise God that we will give Him all the glory for that miracle. And secondly, I promise that we will tell the story of that miracle over and over so that peoples faith will be built up.

Lastly, I realize the need we all have for validation. We often want our kingdom on earth, not God’s kingdom on earth.

PRAYER: Father, there are some people in my life that need a miracle in their life right now. I know you care about the little things like their health and their relationships; but I know that from an eternal perspective your glory and increasing people’s faith is what ultimately matters. Yet, I know that there are so many times that what happens in life just does not make sense and maybe never will make sense . . . so give me an extra measure of peace and wisdom to minister and lead these people and myself to serve You without qualifications. I ask that you do the miraculous in their lives and once again we promise to give you all the glory and we promise to tell the stories over and over so that people know that you are God.

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