Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sick Call - Part 4

Okay, this is getting old. Joshua is fine, Zachary is on the door step of recovery. His stomach hurt tonight and we gave him medicine for that. Now . . . Debbie is throwing up. Gee, guess who's next? No way. This guy does not throw up!!

Keep us in prayer. I can't even have my birthday cake! It's sitting in the refrigerator with candles, but nobody to eat it. Are you crying for me yet?


  1. I hope everyone in your house feels better soon. There's nothing worse than watching your kids suffer and knowing that you cannot make it better.

    As far as your birthday goes, take comfort! Informal studies have shown that people born on November 13 are highly intelligent, wonderful, gracious people. By an odd coincidence, it also happens to be my birthday too.

  2. I think we will get there . . . sometime, sooner than later.

    Gosh, we have so much in common, we are HIGHLY intelligent, important to note the highly part of it, wonderful and gracious. Not a bad start!!

    Hope your birthday was a great one!! Have a piece of cake for us.



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