Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Reflections

It's amazing how fast a week flies by. It started with lots of sickness and worry and ends quietly for the boys. Although Zachary still complains of occasional stomach aches. He was up the last two nights needing to go to the bathroom, so we really need to monitor him.

Some thoughts about today!!

  • I enjoyed the energy when the praise team was singing. For some reason we seem to be louder or sing with more energy.
  • The kids did a good job singing. I need to move to the front row so I can better watch them.
  • Dedications are always cool! Miriam's moving about just added to the unpredictability of children. It was also cool to look into the eyes of Brian and Rebecca; I could tell this was meaningful.
  • Also fun to hold a baby which is not mine, does not scream or spit up. Lydia was grabbing at my microphone, she's a cutey.
  • Thanks to Andy Chastain for bringing me a new microphone when mine died.
  • The video "Letters from War" always leads me to tears. What a powerful video!
  • I have learned to enjoy preaching about money and giving. It's fun to do, maybe because I like to make us uncomfortable on occasion. Money really does grab our hearts and often leads us away from where we really need to be in our relationship with Christ. Talking about money can be a 'sticky wicket' (that was for Damon).
  • Attended the community Thanksgiving service. Pastor Mark from the Nazarene church preached, I said a prayer for the community. He spoke about the need for unity within the community. His message gave me the feeling like there are a great deal of splintered groups and animosity in Alexandria. I'll have to check this out.
  • I also learned that a good friend's grandson suddenly died in his sleep. Tristan was only 2. I went to the visitation and spent a few minutes with Woody (he is the current interim pastor in Summitville FBC). A good friend I've known for 3 years. The only words Woody could say was that this is the most difficult moment of his life. Life does not make sense, does it? Remember Woody and Glenda and Tristan's parents in your time of prayer. The funeral is at 11 am tomorrow.
  • Because of this, I gave Joshua and Zachary an extra hug and cookie and tickles tonight.
  • Tomorrow (Monday) I start on 21 days of John. Debbie reminded me that it may be hard to find a wi-fi connection in the hills of Alabama. We will be in Town Creek, Moulton and Hatton, Alabama. About 1 hour away from Decatur. I'll do my best to get a wi-fi connection everyday, if possible.

For now, blessings to all!!

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