Monday, November 19, 2007

Day #1 - John 1

Day #1 - John 1

For the next 21 days I am going to attempt to journal my thoughts, observations, and take-aways from the book of John. I look forward to your comments and thoughts as we journey together.


OBSERVATION ~ John reflects on Jesus as being the Creator, as well as the Redeemer. We forget that Jesus was an active and had a lead in creation. There is the call of John the Baptist and his recognition that Jesus is the One, not him. A reminder that it is all about God, not about us. Finally, when Jesus calls, how do I respond?

APPLICATION ~ 2 KEY VERSES ~ John 1:3 - "Through Him (Jesus) all things were made; without Him nothing has been made." And 10"He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him."

As I read through this chapter the first verse that really grabbed me was verse three where John continues to describe Jesus. He is talking about creation and how He along with the Father and the Spirit created "all things"...and..."without Him nothing has been made". That is not just a statement about the past, that is also a statement about the present and the future. If we want to make anything good it will be through Jesus. Here is how this applies specifically to my life:
  • I want to make a family that loves God and loves one another. "...without Him nothing has been made."
  • I want to make a marriage where the focus is on loving each other and not getting what I want.
    ". . . without Him nothing has been made."
  • I want to give direction and vision to a team of great leaders at FBC who believe in the power of the resurrected Christ. "...without Him nothing has been made."
  • I would like to have a great vacation and be patient with my family during our time away. "...without Him nothing has been made."

Secondly, another reminder in verse ten that Jesus was a Creator in this world, that He was in the world, but the world did not recognize Him. It makes me wonder how many times in a week and month and year, do I not recognize Jesus. How many times do I not step up and serve Him the way He wants me to . . . maybe because of my hardheartedness, my selfishness, my ignorance, or you can pick the adjective.

PRAYER ~ Father, you know the dreams and desires that I have for my life and for my family. You also know the dreams and desires I have for this FBC. I know this will only happen through you. I believe these ambitions are consistent with what you want; so I ask for them. But I also know that they are only possible through you; so help me to surrender them to You.

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