Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sick Call

What a day!! Joshua and Zachary were up most of the night, along with mom and dad. They were taking turns throwing up; about 8 times in all. Eventually we needed to take Zachary to the hospital, he was very pale and becoming dehydrated. They gave him an IV which helped a lot and eventually we headed home.

I very much appreciated so many who told me to leave church and go with Debbie to the hospital. I needed to be with them . . . thank you!

It is 10 pm and they are still up, just laying in bed watching the Colts get hammered. Zachary has had stomach pains all night and day, they have only had a little to eat and drink and are both running 100 degree temperatures. So much for any plans to go out for ribs for my birthday (Tuesday). I think it will be a quiet birthday.

Anyway, keep the boys in your prayers, and Debbie and I. We are exhausted and I think a long night is ahead.

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