Friday, July 11, 2008

Exchange and Transformation

In talking with Alan Erwin, he needs to find homes for 3 new Exchange Students this year. They are all boys, Rami from Lebanon is 15, Asim, 16, from Pakistan, and Jannik is 16 and is from Germany.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about someone else's culture, view of life and spiritual life. While you cannot evangelize, conversations about the spiritual life can occur. It can be a time where you share your Christian faith, home and life with another young person, which changes their life and even the world.

Here is some info. about each one.

Rami wants to become a teacher and likes biology and math. He is very good in distance running and debate. He also likes chess and academic competitions and playing basketball with friends.
His English skills are good and he is anxious to send an e-mail to his new family. He lives with parents and 2 older sisters.

Asim plans a career in mechanical engineering, likes physics and math. He plays guitar, and enjoys writing music for his band. He enjoys many kinds of music. His friends call him “diverse and cool”. He plays the sport of Cricket, but wants to learn others while here. He lives with his parents and younger sister and has excellent English skills!

Jannik will be a in the 11th grade. A 5’10” basketball player, he plays on a team, but says that he is not the strongest player they have. He also likes to ski, play football and soccer, tennis and volleyball. He wants to become an engineer after college. His favorite classes are math, history, and computer science. He helps the family fix any computer problems they have. He lives with his parents and sister and has good English skills.

Who can host? Just about any family, single adult or single parent over the age of 25.

Are there girls who need homes also? YES! There are girls and boys from several other countries.

What does it cost? These students have money for personal needs. What you spend on them is up to you.

You feed them as any member of the family; they pay for school expenses, snacks with friends, and clothes.

Where do they sleep? They can share a room, but not a bed. A separate room is not necessary.

What if there are problems? Aspect provides trained International Coordinators (IC’s) to prepare you for this adventure and to be with you if there are problems. Occasionally a student must be moved, but not often.

To host one of these boys, or other students from other countries for just the fall, or for the school year, contact Alan Erwin (724-9234). Host families are needed soon for arrival in about a month.

There is a$50 per month tax credit on Federal taxes, and Aspect will give a one-time $50 donation to a non-profit group if the host family belongs to that organization.

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