Monday, July 07, 2008

Holy and UnHoly Communion

Today I went to the nursing home to give Joyce T. communion and to visit with her. She mentioned her roommate, a 5 year resident wanted communion with us. No problem! So, after Joyce and I visit, the roommate comes over as 2 aides come into the room to make her bed. This woman rudely, and that is being nice, tells them to leave since we need quiet for prayer and communion. I'm trying to apologize to the aides with my shoulders and eyes. Eventually we take communion and I offer a prayer which includes forgiveness for the words we use. Not sure if there was a connection. It was not the best way to enter into communion. . . actually it felt kind of sinful. . . that was the unholy part.

At the same time, Joyce asked one of the aides who was last to rush out if she wanted to have communion with us. A wonderful act of grace by a woman who can't figure out why God has not taken her, yet. The aide responds, she is not right with God, and it would not be appropriate for her to take communion when her relationship with God is impure and not right. That act of not taking communion was a wonderful admission, a breath of fresh air, and a moment of holiness before an all forgiving and loving God. Just part of the day!

This incident made me ponder over how many people have I led away from Christ because of my actions, words and attitudes. God, forgive me, forgive us for our lack of care and compassion and our indifference to one another, especially to You, Lord . . . cleanse us to have that pure heart, that holy heart You so desire in us so that all others will see You through us.

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