Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Night Reflections

I am exhausted! It was a long week and a long night last night as I felt myself wrestling with God about where I was going with this weeks sermon. I am working on only 2 hours sleep and feel I could lay down and be out to sleep.

I liked the flow of worship, I didn't like the many people who were gone for the holidays. I've noticed that even when we have 280 people, the main floor looks empty.

I struggled with the sermon all week, knowing God wanted me to talk about passionate followers. It was getting to the message which was difficult. The words were not coming. Hopefully I was able to bring the point home that God wants us to be passionate about Jesus, and there is a difference between believing in Jesus and following Jesus.

Tonights worship featured Perry Noble's one prayer for the church is 'make us dangerous.' He spoke about 3 points, to walk with Jesus, listen to Jesus and believe in Jesus. It was an excellent sermon.

Sadly, there are only about 25-30 people attending Sunday evening worship. It is depressing and at times disheartening to see less than 10% of our Sunday morning attendance at our Sunday evening worship. Any thoughts, suggestions would be helpful.

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