Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A night out

We went out with members of the JOY class to Beef and Boards and saw Smoke on the Mountain. My first thought when I heard the title was the old Deep Purple song, Smoke on the Water.

We had a wonderful time, very relaxing, went in the church van with about 20 others. The food, company and performance were right on. Speaking of the performance, the talent was great, it was a comedy about a pastor's final Sunday before moving to a new church and the family remembers and looks forward to the future. Great truths about Christ and the Kingdom were passed on, there was a great deal of openness to speaking about Jesus, which was wonderful.

The group wanted me to take notes and the only one which I don't think I can do is the one they all wanted me to remember, and that is sermons should be 10 minutes. Don't know if I have ever done 10 minutes.

In my first church most sermons were 17-22 minutes, now they are 25-30 minutes. If I ever do a 20 minute sermon, you will all be so shocked. Anyways, it was a great night and a fun night.

I heard we missed the Oak Ridge Boys at the 4-H fair in Alec, and they sang Elvira. Gosh, haven't heard that one in about 20 years. That was a fun one.

Now it's time to lay my head on the pillow. The previous blog tells you why.

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