Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kings Island News

Didn't blog last night, as we were bushed. It was a great day at Boomerang Bay, the Kings Island water park. It rained for about 30 minutes, then cleared up and the rest of the day was great, the sun came out and my back actually got burned, the rest of me browned. We enjoyed every water ride available, even Zachary who is not a roller coaster kid, loved every water ride, even the faster ones. The only one we didn't go on was the Tasmanian Typhoon (too long of a line).

We brought lunch, ate our lunch and went back on the rides. One downer was the fact that any man who has rivets, those little holes in bathing suits on your back end, cannot go down 3 water rides, my suit had 3 rivets. Otherwise, it was great.

After the water park we went to the amusement park side and went on more rides, took in a Christian rock group "Pillar." Rode on more rides, Joshua loved Congo Falls, since you get totally drenched. He loved that part of it. You get the wettest watching from the bridge. We went and saw David Crowder band which was fun, then we ate dinner, the boys were ready to fall asleep, but Tobymac was coming and there was no way I was going to miss that. They perked up and I told them, they would not sit down, and for 1 hour and 25 minutes, you stood, jumped, waved your arms and enjoyed an intense and exciting performance by Toby. The boys know most of the songs, so they were into that big time.

Then it was time to head back to the hotel, even though they now wanted more rides, but the park was closing in 20 minutes, so we let them get wet on the bridge to Congo Falls, then to the hotel.

The boys slept in this morning. We were going to go to church, but they did not wake up until just after 9 a.m. They needed the sleep, grumps are no fun on vacation.

The next blog will have some pictures from the vacation.

PS - we also saw and heard Skillet on Friday night, along with Jeremy Camp, but the boys were too tired for Casting Crown, but we will be seeing them August 16, along with Mandisa, Skillet and Tobymac. Check out World Pulse Festival in South Bend, it's a great way to end the summer break!

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