Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Reflections

WOW! I'm exhausted. For the second Sunday in a row, I could easily go to sleep early.

It was a wonderful day. I love having someone come forward to join the church or accept Jesus. Having Jennifer come forward was great. There is nothing like baptisms. Now we have 3 on the horizon, Jennifer's may be on Sunday due to family obligations and her fiance (Luke) is heading back to college and wants to be there.

I was really struck by the message. I am asking God, what changes do I need to make, instead of asking Him to change my every want and whim. How can God disturb me . . . wake me up. We all need it. How does God need to do that for you?!

Tonight was also a fun night, beautiful weather to sit and enjoy time together as a church. There were 125 people out there at Praise on the Prairie. Thanks to the Music Committee for putting this fun night together, for Doug's help and Jeff's equipment.

I loved Zachary telling jokes. What nerve he has. When I was 8 there would be no way you'd get me up on a stage.

Have a great week, and look to make a difference for Jesus.

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