Thursday, July 31, 2008

Luther at his best

It's just after midnight and I am rereading my writing. Still kinda weird. I even hit a part which I did not remember writing which made me teary eyed. I'll write about that passage another day.

For today, slowly read these words from Martin Luther, from near the end of his work, The Freedom of a Christian ~

The Christian can do all things and has all things and is filled with the love which makes us free, joyful, almighty workers and conquerors over all tribulation, servants of our neighbors, and yet lords of all.

But who lives this Christian life in our day? It is neither preached about nor sought after so that Christians do not know why they bear the name of Christ. Surely, it is because God dwells in us so that by faith in God we become Christs to one another and treat our neighbors as Christ has treated us, that "Christ may be the same in all . . . that we may be truly Christian.

What wonderful words from Luther. To know that this was written in 1520 is pretty scary, since we are battling some of the same issues almost 500 years later.

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