Monday, July 07, 2008

Indiana Jones

The church that came up with the idea for the One Prayer series, is presently doing a series they do every year, called "At the movies." They seek to take current movies and talk about the spiritual dynamics within them. They are presently doing a series on Indiana Jones. Below are pictures of what they did to transform the church . . .

As guests approach the church, a military vehicle with ammo crates appears to have “broken” through a mural spray painted by a local graffiti artist . . .

A waterfall constructed in one corner of the lobby

The church entrance covered like cobwebs . . .

Between the auditorium doors rests a large “stone” skull that breathes fog.

A third corner has converted a coffee bar into a foreign marketplace.

There were more pictures, but you get the idea of what they are doing. Now, does all this decorating and hard work, done over a 4 day period lead people to Christ? NO!! So, why go through all this work and expense? Imagine how many more people in their area were more willing to come to church and hear the message of redemption they desparately need to hear. How many more people saw the church a little different because the church was willing to be a little different, to be a little more bold. It's not for everyone, but it is one way one church seeks to be relevant so that nonbelievers hear the message in a nonconfrontational manner.

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