Thursday, July 17, 2008


  • I usually blog late at night, but am trying to stop that, and as a result, have not blogged at all this week, so go figure.
    • Too many late nights, makes for a tired guy in the a.m., so one of my goals for the coming weeks and maybe life time is to start to go to sleep earlier. That's not easy for me, but one I think is becoming necessary.

  • Got my new car on Monday. YAHOO!! It has that wonderful new car smell, can't get enough of inhaling that smell. Actually there is just the right amount of new car smell, not too overpowering. It's fun to drive my new Toyota Corolla. If your nice, maybe I'll give you a ride.

  • Zachary had a 104 degree temperature on Monday. Wow! That is high. He ended up being diagnosed with strep throat. He's feeling better, but still has stomach pain and pain in his legs and arms. Keep him in prayer.

  • Joshua made it back to play in two all star games, and they won the 10 and under district tournament in Alec, beating Marion 6-2. Now we go to North Manchester (75 miles one way) to play in the semi-state tournament. It's great for the kids, but tough on time and mileage.

  • I'll post separately about a couple of church related things . . . including my take on Brett Favre and the church.

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