Thursday, February 28, 2008


Since not everyone sees the comments section, and since I received 2 comments, and my response is below -

Indy writer said...What about giving the kids more opportunities to serve others? Most little kids are pretty generous souls. If we could give them more ways to serve others, and more ways to be directly involved (as opposed to just bringing x in and dropping it in a box). If they can be a part of something and see how it helps, that might keep them involved more (and consequently also get to the parents).

Many schools run food drives and collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, but the problem is that either the campaign is short or it never ends. I think what's missing is the connection of each student to the recipients.

Indywriter said...And what about the Angel Food ministry. We might be able to reach some people through that. I think that the more you can get someone through the door, the more chance you have of getting to their heart. Maybe someone will come to feed their body, but return to feed their soul.

Pastor Michael said...Hey Indy - I like what you are saying. If you get the kids involved, there is a greater ownership at stake. There has been a greater emphasis of kids acting as tutors and peer mentors for other kids, which is good. Also, the Angel Food ministry would be a huge help in our community and I want to do it. I really think it is the right thing to do, I just need people who believe in this type of ministry. Even as a test pilot within our own church, see what we think and get the kinks out before we go public. It would help many, many people save money and help them see the church as relevant as opposed to the church as the 'enemy.'

I believe these conversations are what is needed, even if we have just a few folks willing to start, we will see a difference in lives and we will also see others joining because they see the passion and commitment. Besides this, others will join who are not part of the church simply because they believe in helping and mentoring.

Thanks for the comments.

Pastor Michael'

3:21 PM


  1. There is already an Angel Food Network host in Alexandria.

  2. That is true, however, I believe we have a bigger facility than Tree of Life and they do not advertise this opportunity. There are also 5 Angel Food ministries in Anderson. So, I think we could help provide to some of the population of Alexandria and maybe other nearby communities.

    I would want our church to try it out first, then see what we think.

    Thanks for the response.

  3. Sounds like a great concert! I sometimes put music on like that when I clean the house (and drink a rootbeer...the only pop I allow myself). Who can sit still when listening to this? It's praises to God and when we hear that, we should be moving, smiling, laughing, crying, even raising our hands to Him! BTW, have you noticed on Sunday morning that people on the pulpit rarely smile when singing some really HOT worship songs!?! I'm not expecting backflips from the choir or worship team, just a sign that it's meaningful and not just a "Sunday morning job."


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