Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Worship Post

To start with, read the prior two posts today, at least the one titled "Prayer" first, then read this one.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, everyday this week I will try to send a thought provoking reading about worship.

This comes from Richard Foster's "Celebration of Discipline."

"Worship is our response to the overtures of love from the heart of the Father. Its central reality is found in "spirit and in truth." It is kindled within us only when the Spirit of God touches our human spirit. Forms and rituals do not produce worship, nor does the disuse of forms and rituals. We can use all the right techniques and methods, we can have the best possible liturgy, but we have not worshiped the Lord until Spirit touches spirit. . . Our spirit must be ignited by the divine fire. . . When Spirit touches spirit the issue of forms is wholly secondary."

What a great statement about worship. True worship, according to Foster occurs when the Spirit of God touches our spirit, and our spirit is ignited by the divine fire (Spirit) and when that happens, form and ritual no longer matter, what matters is coming before the glory of God (Shekinah).

Is your heart ignited by the divine fire of the Holy Spirit?
Will you open your heart so that it may be ignited by the divine fire?

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