Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday Reflections

I really had to push myself in worship yesterday. It was a great learning tool for me. I was frustrated that the power point was off. It was nobody's fault, just the computer did not default to the proper setting. Not sure why. But it happened, and it frustrated me, we had guests and I wanted us to look our best, but in the middle of my pity party, God smacked me on the head and reminded me of what worship is about . . . Him!!!!!!!!! Duh. I think I heard something about that yesterday. So, I got my act together and was able to cruise along and worship.

Everyone did a great job during worship. I like the edge Eric had to the power point. The songs fit in with the theme, as well.

With many new guests, I hope they had a chance to meet the people and feel welcomed.

It's amazing that Sunday night (each Sunday I continue the theme started in the morning) I spoke for about 45 more minutes about worship. It's a conversation which could be never ending. It was a good time together. I really wish more people would come at night, it's a shame there are only about 35 people coming in the evening. The more the better our interaction.

Be ready for Sunday, we'll talk about prayer. Now, we can go on with that one for an hour or two.

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