Tuesday, February 19, 2008

God's Movement

Since working on Spiritual Disciplines, reading, studying and writing, I have been questioning where I am at in my relationship with God and what my responsibilities should be. These thoughts will be life long thoughts, musings, ponderings . . .

Yet, over the past two days, God has done something that has not happened as often as I would like and have questioned it, and wala there was God at work.

Last night (Monday) one of the football coaches from Joshua's league approached me and we had a great conversation, about his family, life situation and faith/church. More time was spent on church and his searching, along with his family. It was a wonderful time to talk to another person about life and faith, while sitting in the bleachers watching his son, Joshua, Zachary and a bunch of other boys practice baseball. It was invigorating and renewing.

Today, a man walked into church, not wanting money, food or anything tangible. He was after a heart relationship with Jesus. He did not articulate . . . those were my words to him. He really spoke of a lifeless journey in life for a long time and needed to change. Someone (thank you) referred him to me. Fortunately, God put the right words in my mouth and I hope he heard well enough. I could sense God's Spirit here in my little office, and we prayed together for Him to accept Christ in His heart, to let go of the past, and move into a future God has planned for him.

Two renewing encounters with men who are searching and hopefully finding Christ.

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