Friday, February 29, 2008

Concert Review

Great concert!! If you like loud, deafening music with loads of bass and tons of energy, this concert was for you.

The night started out with Matthew West singing as his one man band. He was good, but mellow and had the crowd as his back up singers and band. He has a couple of pretty popular contemporary songs out.

Then Jeremy Camp came on stage and spoke about the purpose of the tour and how he and Tobymac are co-headliners and they flip a coin to see who goes first each night.

As a result, Jeremy introduced us to Tobymac.

All I could say was WOW!! Amazing energy. Tobymac has some great songs, lots of rap, even though I couldn't understand most words, the beat and the energy were great. I don't think we sat down for the hour plus that they sang. They ended with Made to Love and Love is in the House, along with singing old time songs, such as We are Family, and more. The crowd was very into them.

After a 20 minute break Jeremy Camp came on starting with his new hit "Give you Glory." I didn't expect as much energy from Jeremy as he had. Amazingly Toby is 43 and Jeremy is 30. I enjoyed Jeremy more than I thought I would. His dad is a pastor in Lafayette and came on and played the harmonica during a jam session. Jeremy also spoke about his wife's death of cancer when she was 21. That had the crowd sitting while he spoke, then it was back on your feet for the ending, "Give me Jesus" along with guest singer Ben Utecht of the Colts.

Excellent concert and night. We now have Joshua and Zachary hooked on some rockin' rap and hip-hop from Tobymac.

I'm ready for the next concert.

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