Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I wanted to make a request, it's ironic, actually, a God thing, from the previous post. You see, what has been on my heart more and more is a call for our renewal in Christ. Not that we have fallen away from Jesus, sometimes we get stuck in our comfortable ruts and we need a push or a firm, but gentle shove forward.

I would like for everyone to be praying for our church to be open to the Spirit of God this Sunday. I am preaching on Worship, and I really, really believe this has the makings of a powerful worship experience for us. From the music to the Word to my word to the fellowship, etc. I will be sending a daily reading from some of the books I am reading, some will be a sentence, others will be a paragraph or two about worship. Some you will hear on Sunday, some may not make the final cut for Sunday morning.

This is what I want you to specifically pray for - and I believe in very specific prayer . . .
  • We prepare ourselves for worship on Friday and Saturday.
    • Read Psalms of Praise and Worship.
    • Listen to worshipful music.
    • Pray for the Spirit of God to overwhelm us.
  • Pray for me, pray for Kevin as he leads the choir, for the choir, for the praise team, for Jennifer with Hoops, pray for the ushers, pray for those who have not yet entered our doors to worship.
  • Pray for people to come and not know why they came to FBC.
  • You enter the church with expectancy.
    • That is, you expect something to happen which is of God.
  • You enter the sanctuary prayerfully and joyfully.
    • You look around you and you offer yourself as a holy sacrifice in the act of worship.
      • You do everything in your power to keep your heart, spirit, mind and body alert and in tune with the Holy Spirit.
    • You pray for others you see. Ask God to give them openness to His divine working.
As you can tell, I am expecting something to happen, something of God, this Sunday, come and expect to give of yourselves and I know we will blow this place away as we experience His Spirit.

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