Monday, February 25, 2008


Last Friday Debbie and I met with Mr. Willey, the superintendent to discuss some concerns and offer our help. Well, we were put to work. We believe if you have a complaint or a concern, you should be willing to be part of the solution, if not, then stop talking, because then you become a whiner.

There was an adisory board meeting tonight and we were invited. There was Mr. Willey, Ms. Schmidt - Intermediate School Principal; Mr. Regenold - high school principal; 2 teachers; a board member, a consultant and a county educator and us. At times the meeting became pretty intense. It was fun and very educational, sadly we were the only two parents in attendance.

I can see so many ways our church and the churches of Alexandria can make a difference . . . if we want. And I hope we want to. There are great ministry / servanthood possibilities here. This is our community, we can leave it as is, or we can work at making it better, always with an eye on the future.

I'll talk more about it on Wednesday at Bible Study and blog more about it as I get my head wrapped around the information. We met from 6:30 - 8:45. I'll keep you posted.

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