Monday, February 04, 2008

Sunday Reflections on Monday

I am more and more fascinated by spiritual disciplines. Yet, I chose the topic, but the more I read, the more interesting they are, including more about their origin and the way they are disliked by so many people. The result is that they are not disliked, they are feared, much of it because there is so much negative press about Christianity and those who act like strange people who are ascetics. Think about Good Friday, just about every year we see pictures of people flogging themselves, so they can be like Jesus. That is how the world thinks of spiritual disciplines and asceticism.

Had a fun discussion on Sunday night on a continuation of the topic of Celebration. Why is it that we don't celebrate more in worship? Why do some sing, and some don't? Why are we sitting with our hands folded? Isn't worship, about showing God His worthiness, giving thanks and praise and glory to God for the blessings in life? So, we sit there like glumps and schlumps? My words! I am not real boisterous and running around, not my nature, but I am the kind who could lift my hands and say amen, and get excited, we're not looking for running around, just a demonstration that worship is a celebration and we are experiencing the joy of the LORD.

Beth's song and testimony were wonderful. It made me think about how many husbands and wives both battle cancer and come out victorious and sing about it. Cool!!

I love the Happy Song. It's just an upbeat fun song. We need to have more of those in worship, maybe even before hand to get us listening to God and not one another.

It was a good day, plus I am onto the Historical research and hoping to write on Wednesday night.

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