Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Did I get your attention. Read this ~ it was written in 1895 by Andrew Murray and someday we will read through this amazing book "Abide in Christ." I read this passage awhile ago, and it was good, but as I was typing it for my doctoral paper, it just overwhelmed me what he was getting at.

Don't just read it and say, 'okay, good.' I mean . . . stop, read it, pray it. It's an amazing call for every believer in Jesus, here it is, and it's only one sentence.

But more than that, Murray sees the sinful person who is filled with self-centeredness, reveling in their own salvation and happiness, but when they abide in Christ “you come into contact with His infinite love; its fire begins to burn within your heart; you see the beauty of love; you learn to look upon loving and serving and saving your fellow-man as the highest privilege a disciple of Jesus can have” (Murray 1895, 141).

What would happen if the fire of Christ really, really, really burned in our hearts? What would we look like, how might the world be forever changed?!

Click this link to read JEREMIAH 20:9.

Blessings to all!

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