Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Super Bowl

Great game, especially for Giants fans!

I am not a NY fan, but was rooting for them, as was the whole family. The boys stayed up for the whole game, and we were dancing in the house at the end.

What was really cool was watching a replay of Peyton Manning jump up and celebrate when the Giants took the lead at the end of the game. You could see it was so genuine and he was so excited for Eli. Great image to see.

Too bad Beleichek had to walk off the field with 1 second left, along with most of the players. At least he congratulated the NY coach, but most of the Patriots did not. It's not a rule that they have to, but it is good sportsmanship, oh well, shows why they lost, besides, they were outplayed and outcoached!

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