Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Deadliest jobs

I was checking out the headlines and came across the top five deadliest jobs in the USA. It kind of surprised me what they were . . .

The deadliest job is . . .
  1. Fishermen. WOW!! Ever watch "The Deadliest Catch" on Discovery. You'll see why. I enjoy watching it and it is hazardous, when you do it for a living in the cold of the Atlantic and beyond.
  2. Loggers. Not tree cutting services, but those lumberjacks.
  3. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers. I didn't think the safety record was that bad!? Gulp.
  4. Iron and steel workers. It's too hot in there for me anyway.
  5. Farmers and ranchers. WOW!! Another surprise. As we move into harvest time, keep our farmers in prayer.
The 10th deadliest was what I thought would be higher, sheriff and patrol officers.

Far more men than women die on the job. Of the 5,488 who died at work in 2007, 5,071 were male and 417 were female. For men, the deadliest occupations involve transportation and material-moving (pilots, bus drivers, crane operators and sailors), while administrative-support duties (couriers and stockers) claimed the most working women.

Just extra Tuesday information.

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