Friday, September 12, 2008

Some questions to ask yourself ~

● When was the last time you came to church and begged and pleaded with God to have Him
reveal Himself to you?
○ Or . . . is it your goal to get in and get out?

● When was the last time you prayed over your food and GENUINELY did so with a thankful
○ Or . . . is eating your right, without regard to what you waste?

● When was the last time you prayed before reading the Scriptures and asked God to get
○ Or do you read the Bible to try and see what is wrong with “those other people?”

● When was the last time you allowed God to place HIS passion into you?
○ Or are you to busy trying to instill your passion into Him?

● When was the last time you encouraged someone else?
○ Or are you to busy trying to make others recognize and praise you?

● When was the last time you looked around you and thanked God over and over again for the
amazing blessings and abundance you already have?
○ Or do you take all that you have for granted, and it is owed you, anyway?
Notwithstanding the question about robbing God's storehouse with leftover offerings.

Enough with the questions, the key is how we answer

We see what we are prepared to see!

God isn’t playing some game of hide and go seek!!! He WANTS us to know HIM!!! Jeremiah 29:13 is a hint as to how! Click on that verse and pray it over and over again. God WANTS us to see Him!!! He WANTS us to grow in Him!

Maybe our prayer needs to stop being for Him to reveal Himself and switch to begging Him to let us see what’s He’s already tried to make obvious.


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