Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday Reflections

Being able to meet with missionaries is a unique perk of the job. To talk to Reuben and Mauricio about their ministry, what is normal (as opposed to our view of normal) is very eye opening. To imagine walking 2 hours to get to church so you can worship speaks of a dedication most people do not have. Think about it, how far would you walk in order to get to worship, even drive?

I appreciated Reuben's comment about our music, Pastor Doug is doing a great job blending together different styles of worship and utilizing the talent in our church.

It was great to be able to pray for one of our members who is going into the mission field, so it was cool to have missionaries speaking. Actually, in hindsight, they should have joined the prayer, since they better understand the ins and outs of missions work.

Next Sunday is American Baptist Women's Sunday. I look forward to the new learnings we can gain from our women.

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