Sunday, September 21, 2008

Football and Church

Debbie bought 2 tickets for the Colts game today! What a blast, the crowd was amazingly loud, the fans were rowdy, the guys in front of us would take their shirts off and wave them. We had to stay out of their way a little.

The Colts lost on a last second field goal. Very disappointing. They were outplayed the entire game. Jacksonville had the ball for about 42 minutes, Indy 18. Hard to win when you don't have the ball.

My analysis of the game is similar to the way I view church. . . You need to attack and the Colts did not attack. They played a very passive and soft defense, gave up tons of yards and 3rd down conversions. They had many, many chances to win, yet never attacked the Jacksonville offense. My style of football is to be aggressive. Maybe it comes from growing up in Chicago with great defenses who always attacked, but I see that as a metaphor for church, as well.

Too often we sit back and wait for things to come to us, and when they do, we somehow are not prepared. satan loves for us to sit back and wait. Then he attacks and attacks and we are always on the defensive, putting out fire after fire, but the Christian life is not about that, it is about attacking life by living life, by embracing the beauty and the joy life offers us.

But too often we sit back and complain that life stinks, when it really doesn't. Just a Sunday night thought after yelling and yelling.

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