Sunday, September 21, 2008

Football Weekend

Yesterday (Saturday) was opening weekend for football for Joshua and Zachary. Pictures to follow at a later date.

Since I help coach Joshua's team, we'll start with his game. They lost 14-0, two blown plays and that was the game. His team actually moved the ball, but didn't stop the quarterback bootlegs on two plays. Joshua played well, he missed a couple of tackles he should have made, but he got in the way which helped. He did get in on a couple of tackles, made some good blocks and caught 1 pass and ran about 40 yards before he was tackled. I'll take the credit on that play since I told the offensive coach to call this type of pass. Overall it was a good start.

I was only able to see Zachary's game from the High School field, and watch at a distance. Debbie was with Zach and we called one another to give updates. Zachary scored 3 touchdowns, 2 on runs and one on an interception. He kicked off once and kicked it over the other teams heads. He felt really good about the game and himself, which is the key.

This week Joshua has a game on Tuesday, Zachary on Thursday. It's so much fun to be out there, it's great to see the kids when something connects for them.

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